Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Merry Christmas from Manic

Christmas Time!

So last night was the teams annual Christmas party night! We love silly season and all love an excuse to let our hair down and party! The whole team headed out and it was definitely a night to remember. With a lovely meal, secret santa goodies and lots of drinks! 

We were in the festive mood from the start and celebrated a great year into the early hours of this morning. Everyone had a brilliant time and it was a perfect way to round off an amazing Manic year. 

Before we take some time off to enjoy Christmas, we hope that you all have a great festive season of your own and wish everybody an excellent new year.

See you in 2014 with lots of new exciting Manic projects its in the pipeline!
Here’s a little christmas video from all of the team here at Manic for you to enjoy

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Charity - Doing our Bit

These past few months have literally been ... MANIC!! 
But that didn't stop us finding time to give a little something back. The team really do enjoy working at charity events across the city and often give up time to support and perform at charity events and shows. 
Its great to see just what a little time, effort and generosity can do.
Back in early November we performed with the much loved ‘Fabulous Miss G at her Frocked up in Horror event raising money for Portsmouth Breast Friends. 

We have been dancing behind Miss G and her amazing team for the past 5 years now and each show gets better and better. This time Miss G scared the audience and sent chills and thrills through the guests with a Halloween themed show. 

Nicole & Matt, creative directors of Manic picked some great numbers to dance too, they interpreted the theme perfectly. Tracks included hits from ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ 'Cabaret` and the well known song ‘Candyman’. 

These numbers went down a treat with the guests, take a little look at a couple of video clips here!

As always Miss G put on an unforgettable show and The SHOW Girlz added their usual sparkly stamp. Naturally the evening was full of cracking costumes, high flying kicks, splits, song and dance. And no Miss G show would be the same with out her cheeky audience participation section! 

The finale of this show was ‘The Timewarp!’.... Unexpected gents were invited up on to the stage to be transformed into Rocky Horror style Sweet Transvestites and partnered up with our girls to end the show with a great fun filled number The Time Warp.  

A few weeks later Nicole hosted an hour of ‘The Rowans Hospice, Dance-A-Thon’
Taking to the stage at 10pm for her one hour slot, Nicole proved popular at this late night event, teaching some Grease themed routines to some very willing, energetic dancers, with lots of stamina. 

Within this 6 hour dance-a-thon the group were most definitely put through their paces. Being musical theatre themed it seemed a great opportunity to dust off everyones inner Danny and Sandy and go Grease Lightning with all the girls and guys on this not so Summer Night! Everyone loved getting into partners and boogieing on down to The Hand-Jive! All 75 guests did so well and everyone had a great time and certainly enjoyed this Grease themed hour! 

Verity is the spice of life and next up was a charity event for The Rainbow Centre held at the iconic Spinnaker Tower, aptly named ‘Cocktails In The Clouds’. We proved no matter where we are, be it on the ground, up in clouds or even on glass floor hundreds of feet in the air Manic Stage Productions can always put on a sensational show! 

With Christmas just around the corner lots of children’s charities are hosting fun filled christmas parties and the Manic party host team have been on hand to help. These fabulous events give the children a chance to enjoy a couple of hours of magical christmas sprit, play games, sing and dance as well as enjoy exciting surprises after a year of hard work and sometime serious illness. 

We love meeting these special little youngsters and get such pleasure seeing them all excited for Christmas time. 

Finally, for the third year running we took to the Kings Theatre stage to perform for the amazing charity The BBC’s Children In Need. It is with out doubt one of our favorite things to be a part of each year and we are honored every time we are invited back to perform. 

This year our good friend Pudsey bear asked us to open AND close the show! This meant the team had to pull out all of the stops and we certainly did just that! 
For our 1st appearance on stage we wowed the packed out audience with a 15 minute Circus themed medley and even brought our fantastic stilt walker with us!

As a complete contrast the finale of the night was our smooth, slick, Vegas medley featuring the super talented Jamie Riley and our girls in fabulous feathers. Jamie had the audience on their feet with his rendition of New York New York and the whole cast joined him on stage for a show stopping kick line.

As always the show was a true success and a great pleasure to be a part of. 

If you are planning a charity event please do not hesitate to contact us for our discounted charity prices. I am sure we can help in some way and would love to be part of your efforts to raise money for such great causes.

Email or call Nicole 07977478565
Check out our Website

Friday, 6 December 2013

Elevating business at London Olympia

‘There’s no BUSINESS like Show Business!!’

For the last few days of November we packed up our feathers and lashes and travelled up to the big smoke. We had been booked to work at The Business Show, 2013 at London’s famous venue, Kensington Olympia.
The SHOW Girlz were there to promote stand 522 and their cloud based business management system. It was a great chance to show off just how our speciality acts, skills and personality can draw new clients to any business, no matter what field it is in.  

Amongst 1000’s of stands showcasing their business and corporate ideas I can assure you we stood high above the rest! Up on our stilts we could be seen from all corners of the massive exhibition centre handing out iTEM leaflets. 

To add to the unique promotional approach our girlz were dressed up differently every hour including sailors, showgirls, flapper girls, bunnies and many many more through out each day. 

Our constant costume changes and stilt walking definitely attracted the desired attention. Crowds formed round the stand for pictures and discussions about us and to say we managed to get the stand noticed is an understatement. 

We even managed to get interviewed by 2 film crews :-)

You know us by now, we love the attention and had a great time over the two days. Promotion and performance is what we do and we loved being a part of the iTEM team. 
We take great pride in our work and helping make everyone aware of the cloud based business management system ‘ITEM’ that we were promoting was so much fun.
James the director had this to say "Absolutely legendary work by Nicole and her girls, thank you so much!" 

Our promotional team and skills will definitely be remembered and if you think The SHOW Girlz could help give a little glitz and glam to your business, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team is personally managed and picked to suit the individual needs of you the client. Nicole and Matt have many years experience in the industry and know exactly how to draw a crowd. 

Let Manic Stage Productions do what we do best and then you and your colleagues will be free to concentrate on the business you have worked so hard to build.

We would love to be your chosen promotional team and fun filled brand ambassadors, The SHOW Girlz will really make your business endeavours unique.

For more information and a no obligation quote please do not hesitate to contact Nicole via email or phone

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nicole's GEW Presentation

Stepping Back On Stage 

I was both honoured and amazed when I was asked a few months ago to be a key speaker at this years Shaping Portsmouth Conference at The Portsmouth Guildhall. The event was to mark the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week and the request was to simply tell my story.

Now for those of you who know me you may think that this would not be a problem! But believe me when I say I was genuinely nervous. I am very proud of my journey and know how hard I have worked every step of the way to get to where I am today, but I did wondered how much of my story would be of any real interest to the high profile attendees of this particular conference.

I was reassured that in fact it was a tale like mine, one of pure passion for a particular subject a passion and creativity that wasn't inhibited by the normal self doubting boundaries of possible failure, that could be an inspiration to most people there. So I took on the challenge and set about writing my piece.

Well on Monday I stepped back onto the stage, a place I would normally call home. Unfortunately as a public speaker I found the once comforting sight of lights and an eagerly awaiting audience a very scary and solitary place. I am pleased to say that I hid the nerves well and managed to get all my words out clearly and even received a warm round of applause at the end!

So incase you missed it heres is my speech in full!

Hello my name is Nicole Geddes and I am co founder and creative director of Manic Stage Productions and our entertainment team who you have just been treated to - 
The Show Girlz.

Before I tell you a little bit more about my business and its place here in Portsmouth, I think its important to give you an insight into my background
 and highlight that becoming a business woman was never the initial intention, but in fact the end result of a life long passion for dance and the performing arts.

Looking around I’m sure many of you here today, like me attended dance classes through your early years. Well my childhood hobby soon turned into my dream and dance was to become my chosen career path.

At 16 I set of to London to train at one of the countries top stage schools - 
Performers College. Upon graduation I entered the professional world of performing and was lucky enough to carve out a career as a dancer across the country and abroad.

I performed on stage and screen for A listers including Kylie Minogue right through to to British comedy legends like Cannon & Ball. Some would say my dreams had come true.

But whilst I was certainly enjoying every minute and every opportunity, I became more and more aware that life as a dancer is short lived by both age and ability.

It was seven years ago, after only 5 years as a performer that I made the unchartered decision to prematurely end my time on stage and try to transition into a more secure role in the industry - Choreography.

I am pleased to say the risk paid off, and I was soon working as an assistant choreographer, in New York, along side Broadway directors and many of the cities most talented choreographers and up and coming dancers. From here I spent time in LA, again assisting one of the states top Show Choir directors, Think Glee!

So where does Manic Stage Productions fit into this very busy timeline? Everything happened so quickly. Prior to me unexpectedly heading off, to work across the pond.
I had set up my company Manic Stage Productions with my super talented, life long friend Matt Newman.

It seems Manic was a twist of fate and for the 3 years I worked over in the states, it was developing into a reputable company that the local community could trust.
Matt and I simply taught our talents to local community groups, dance schools, state and private schools, establishing a solid repore due to our professional levels of training and our joint impressive performance CV.

And here I am today, It was because of Manic’s rapid development and clear potential, that I stopped jetting off to work in America to give our company 100% of my time and efforts. I can honestly say I have never looked back and as well as continuing to provide Portsmouth, with the same high levels of teaching we always endeavoured too. We now also have a fabulous team of talented girls, who work hard entertaining at events, along the south coast, as our entertainment team The Show Girlz.

I guess you might say I have come full circle, as although I am now not performing my self with the show girls. My passion for dance and the performing aspect of the arts is still ever present. Its just I now use my industry knowledge and contacts to give the girlz the same opportunities Matt and I were so lucky to have had and experienced, all those years ago!

Matt and I had no business qualifications or attributes when we naively decided to strike out into the the unknown world of management and looking back it could have all gone terribly wrong.
Why did we manage to succeed against all the odds?
Well I believe that it was our genuine love of what we do, our enthusiasm for what we believed possible and the extensive knowledge we had acquired NOT about business, but about the field we wished to pursue our business in.

We were lucky enough to have gained 1st hand experiences through our time in the performing arts industry, that held us in good stead to pass on, at 1st our training to others and now our inside expertise, on full show production, entertainment and ways to enhance any event.

WATCH Event Production Film

Finally I would like to stress that starting and developing, Manic Stage Productions has not been easy. My advice to anyone here today thinking of starting a business is, take full advantage of the many FREE courses, networking groups and information services available to you.

Portsmouth is forefront in offering entrepreneurial opportunities and over the past 7 years both Matt and I have taken many of these FREE courses and asked for a ton of advice. It has been fundamental in our development and certainly assured us that we are presenting the company in the best way possible.

We are lucky to be based in this vibrant, multi cultural, historic city that really does embrace supporting local businesses on every level. On top of that we have been supported by so many other Portsmouth based business. There are many people in this room who I personally owe thanks too.

I think you will agree that we all thrive because we each  individually believe in the city and in helping each other to achieve.

So what do I think is the biggest hurdle for a Portsmouth based business?
Collectively I feel our biggest problem is convincing the remainder of the South Coast that all of our services, products and endevours are equal in both standards and deliverance to any other company trading from lets say London.

It seems we are so close to the capital that we may all get over looked from time to time, but we know that our services, are more cost-effective and delivered with a more personal touch. Which surely counts for much more than a post code.

I am, along with so many of you here today an ambassador for supporting and using local services and purchasing local products. I believe whole heartedly in the pursuit of building the Portsmouth brand.

This is reflected in the ethos of Manic Stage Productions. It has always been to provide opportunities to professional performers outside of London. Those graduates that still wish to work in the entertainment industry - just a little closer to home.
By doing this we can certainly guarantee a high level of entertainment equal to any other company, but at a more affordable cost to you the local client.

After the announcements last week of the drastic cuts to the cities cultural budgets, it makes me more determined than ever to provide cost effective entertainment for the city and its creative establishments. I appreciate first hand the challenges the creative sector face and Manic want to support and work closely with others to over come these.

Lastly, It would be easy to abandon Portsmouth in search of larger financial gain but I believe in the Chinese proverb “If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want one hundred years of prosperity, grow people.” and by growing people and relationships within this great city we can all together - Shape Portsmouth. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Filmed for Children In Need

Will you spot us?!

We are excited to announce that on Sunday evening we were filmed for Children in Need to be aired on the BBC this Friday!

Nicole & Matt the creative directors of Manic Stage Productions choreographed and produced a fabulous fun Circus themed medley perfect for the Children in Need fund raising show at The Kings Theatre, Southsea.

Our professional entertainment team The SHOW Girlz opened the show with this high energy, visually pleasing new piece and really got the event of to a fantastic start!

8 of our gorgeous girls took to the stage as circus characters including a lion tamer, a ballerina and of course a couple of clowns. The children in the audience loved how colourful the team looked and were treated to a 10 minute mixed medley of song and dance.

We don't want to give to much away but just so you know what you are looking for through Friday nights live show, here is a video of just one small section - ENJOY :-)

To work with or book The SHOW Girls for your next event email

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bringing London's Burlesque Babe Here!

Ladies and Gents we have a fabulous treat in store for you

Grab your diary and be sure to book Friday 29th November into your social calendar! Why? Because we have a very sexy, scintillating and glamourous treat just for you.

With the seductive art of burlesque becoming ever more popular outside of London we thought we would introduce our wonderful friend and enticing burlesque beauty Elsie Diamond to the sparkly lights of our wonderful South Coast City!

Elsie didn't need much persuading and is shinning her heels, packing her nipple tassels and fluffing up her feather boas as we speak. All in preparation for our naughty night of fun "A Bit of Burlesque"

A Bit of Burlesque will take place at the Grosvenor Casino, Gunwharf Quays in their opulent Lady G show bar.  (8pm - Late)

Tickets are £10 each and can be bought by calling Manic Stage Productions (01983 716519) or The Casino Hotline (023 9273 2277) 

The evening is set to be a fun filled night featuring a variety of hand picked cheeky acts and artists. 

Headlining the show is of course London's glamourous Miss Elsie Diamond with her eclectic repertoire of sultry musical based burlesque routines she is guaranteed to wow you with this creative old school art.

Our host for the evening will be Portsmouth's very own Cassidy Connors who has stepped straight off the West End stage! Dressed to impress, Cassidy will add the laughter to this entertaining evening with her risque comedy and audience participation!

Adding to the naughty nature of this one off night will be Amba and The SHOW Girlz. 

Amba Tremain is a sensational solo singer who has worked with top artists including Eva Cassidy and Boy George. We can't wait to hear her renditions of seductive classics including Fever, Welcome to Burlesque and All That Jazz.

A Manic Stage Productions event would not be the same with out an appearance from our entertainment team The SHOW Girlz. Don't worry we will not disappoint and can confirm that the girlz are already in rehearsals and will of course be adding some of their show stopping dance routines to the nights proceedings.

Lastly Southsea's most desirable pop up shop Furie Belle will be selling her gorgeous jewellery and Sugar Hill clothing range on the evening so be sure to have a little look and start the christmas shopping early. 

The evening will end with everyone welcomed on to the dance floor to party the night away with the casino's resident DJ, oh and don't forget to have a little flutter on the many casino tables and slot machines out on the main floor.

If we have tickled and tempted you to join us on this one off night of Burlesque, then be quick as tickets are already selling fast and at just £10 for a great variety of acts we know that they will fly!

We can't wait to see you on Friday 29th November.
If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to ask
E -

Monday, 30 September 2013

Learning The Art Of Burlesque

Transforming shy gorgeous girls into sexy burlesque beauties

Last Monday saw the commencement of our 4 week confidence course! 

Manic Stage Productions are always getting asked to teach their talents to the general public and finally Nicole bit the bullet and made time in her busy business schedule to reveal some trade secrets!

The beautiful and scintillating art of burlesque has seen a massive resurgence in popularity over the past few years. With women of all ages wanting to watch, learn and experience the sexy yet extremely classy showgirl world. The tempting costumes, big-band sounds, decadent stage sets, elaborate props and the risque routines are making a storming comeback as shows sell out across the country.

It was no surprise then, that the sort after 8 places sold out straight away and this intimate yet super fun class was a huge success!

We cannot tell you too much as to what goes on behind the closed doors of the studio but be assured these ladies are having the time of there life learning to shimmy and shake!

Lulu from Love Southsea did have a little something to say "I thought it was amazing that all different sorts of lovely ladies really come out of their shells in such a short space of time. Nicole made it so easy to get to grips with and is really good fun! The perfect teacher for this cheeky class. I will certainly be recommending her next course to my friends!"

If we have teased and tempted you to want to have ago, then the next course starts as follows
On - Monday 4th November - November 25th
At - 6.15pm - 7.15pm
 Where- Grosvenor Casino, Gunwharf Quays - Lady G Show Bar
Price - £45* Including a FREE ticket to our forth coming Burlesque Show
Spaces are limited so book fast - 07977478565

Watch this space as we have a professional Burlesque Show to tell you all about which we cant wait to share :-)

Monday, 23 September 2013

Clowning Around

Roll Up Roll Up 

Did you come down to Lakeside North Harbour to the Cirque Du Central Square event last Wednesday evening?! 

The SHOW Girlz entertained the thousands of office workers at 1000 Lakeside during the grand opening of Lakeside North Harbour Central Square. 

To open the event our gorgeous girlz clowned around performing to a medley of fun circus themed songs by Britney and Christina. They danced, jumped and twirled to open the event with colourful costumes and creative choreography

The evening was presented by our very own Ring Master Jamie who compered the unfolding events. 

As the night drew in our very own fire performer Megan wowed the crowds with breath taking fire eating! 

The whole Manic team amazed the crowds with their circus acts and our stilt walker Natalie delighting the passers by as she stood high up above the crowds!

The Circus themed event was to celebrate the opening of the new shopping area at 1000 Lakeside and along with our dazzling performers there were some fantastic free runners and many of the shops had demonstrations, competitions and fun for all the family. 

What a great, fun event for the retailers to showcase themselves and for the crowds to be fully entertained by an evening of circus themed entertainment!

To book Manic Stage Productions please contact Nicole 
E -
T - 07977478565
W -