Friday, 20 September 2013

Manic Learn New Tricks

Pole class was tough but our girlz mastered it

Last week The SHOW Girlz took off their dancing shoes to try out Pole Dancing at Tiger Tone Studios in Havant.

Manic's  team of professional dancers would not be defeated by the seemingly easy tricks demonstrated with such ease by Tiger Tones Owner Natalie Sabiston Cripps. They were determined to master the moves and after a lot of determination they certainly cracked it!

Our Show Girlz may look like dainty wall flowers but they certainly proved their strength in the pole studio!

The girls mastered some amazing moves as you can see by the great photographs!

They did what our SHOW Girlz do best, they made it look like they have been doing it for years and by the end of the class the routine was looking fabulous!

The girls also had a quick lesson in hoop while at the studio and again see how wonderful our girls look not only dancing, but also hanging upside down!

Everyone had a great time and lots of laughs were had! Even Manic's co owners Nicole & Matt had ago....... Remember they are little older than the rest of us!

We want to thank Tiger Tone Studios for such a great class! All involved really enjoyed the taster session and agree its a great way to keep fit and tone muscles. 

Don't worry the girls will be back to their normal dancing classes this week getting ready for our next SHOW Girlz performance!

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