Monday, 13 July 2015

Our June Thank You!

This month we say thank you to

Manic are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year and to commemorate this special occasion each month we have been thanking one of our clients or contacts. Those special businesses who have continued to support us and been a big part of our 10 year success! Those that have helped us grow and develop as one of the South Coasts leading entertainment businesses. 

This June our chosen client is 'Lorna Jackson' 
Lorna runs her own business as a Marketing and PR Consultant called 
'Advance and Get Noticed'.

We are very excited to have Lorna working closely with Manic Stage Productions and over the next 6 months Lorna will be working hard to raise the profile of our exciting business. 

Advanced and Get Noticed has a great track record for introducing us to new clients and loves spreading the word about Manic and everything we do! The plan is to establish even more contracts and clients further a field and grow our audience beyond the South Coast. With Lorna's extensive skills and knowledge in PR we are so excited to see all of the results in this special year!

Here is a little bit about what Lorna does and how she can help to enhance your business:

'My background in marketing and public relations working in both the private and public sector has given me a breadth of knowledge to help provide you with the tools and pointers to get you going on your business journey.'

Tailoring to your business Lorna can answer those questions and help you with those specific details of your business that will make endless amounts of difference when it comes to clients choosing your stand out business from the rest. 

For a personal yet professional approach to top class PR we recommend "Advanced and Get Noticed" For more information, ideas and a plain English response with non of the 'jargon' and 'buzz words', get in touch. visit their website

If you would like to know more about Manic Stage Productions or have an enquiry about a booking for your occasion or event then do not hesitate to contact us for a unique tailored entertainment package.
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Monday, 6 July 2015



Manic Stage Productions has a wonderfully talented team of individuals and we like to introduce you to them and tell you a little bit about each and every one of them. This month meet Natalie...

Whats your dance history? 

I started dancing at the age of 3! Mum always said that I practically danced before I could walk! I began dancing at the Southsea school of dancing with Nina Brown! I went to primary ballet and never looked back after that! 
I studied all types of dance; ballet, tap and modern! I quickly began to realise how much I loved to dance. I also went to singing lessons and was a junior member of the Portsmouth players! I did lots of local theatre productions and 
also christmas pantomimes at the kings theatre! At the age of 12 I auditioned 
for the Royal ballet associates, and was lucky to gain a place at their weekend classes. I then went onto being a central school of ballet associate at the age of 15! And landed my first role as Clara in the nutcracker with the English youth ballet! 

Where did you professionally train? 

I auditioned at the age of 16 for many schools, and decided I wanted to go on and train at a professional college. I got into london studios on the ballet course 
and also Northern ballet, but decided I wanted to focus on all disciplines, not just ballet. So I also auditioned for Laine Theatre Arts! I was lucky enough to be awarded a 3 full year scholarship! So I decided to take this incredible opportunity! 

Tell us about the jobs you have done since graduating?

Since graduating I have worked on land as a dancer and dance captain at "Warner Leisure Hotels" with Bourne Leisure at Holme Lacy House and Bembridge Coast! I have worked for sea cruise limited, on the old Thomson Destiny as a dancer, sailing around Greece and Turkey! And I have most recently worked for Qdos Productions, onboard the beautiful Celebrity Millennium as a production dancer, sailing around Alaska and Asia! 
It's truly fantastic to get to travel the world and get paid to do what you love!

What do you love about working for Manic?

I love working for Manic Stage Productions! It's like a little family! It gives us dancers great opportunitys to perform locally in big events! We get to do a great class each week and be involved in some great corporate events and shows! It's so good to be able to do what you love without having to travel so far to do it, and do it at a professional level! It's also a great way to keep fit inbetween contracts! 

Whats your favourite Manic gig?

My most favourite gig with manic so far, has to be "Fort de Soleil"! It was so great to be apart of something so unique. I loved the routine and the whole "cirque" theme! And even gained a new skill whilst doing it! I can now say on my CV, that I can dance with fire! I must say it was frightening experience at first but also thrilling at the same time!

What do you love most about performing? 

I think my most favourite thing about performing, is being able to let yourself go and immerse yourself in what you love! I love performing and bringing joy to others. Dance is a way to express yourself, and I don't think I could ever express myself more than the way I do, when I dance! It's also lovely to be able to say, I love my job! And not many people get to say that! I'm not saying it's easy! As its not, you have to want it and work very hard and constantly keep picking yourself up after rejection, as there is a lot of that! (especially when your 5ft!) but all in all it's a very rewarding job! 

Tell us about your future contracts 

Well my next adventure will be with Fred Olsen Cruises, onboard MV Boudicca! I am very much looking forward to working with Mirage and doing another amazing itinerary but with a different company this time! 
I have to thank my family for always being so supportive and being there through all the ups and downs! But it's been so worth it! 

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know another member of our team and we look forward to introducing you to somebody new next month!

In the mean time if you have any enquiries regarding professional tailored entertainment for any occasion please don't hesitate to contact us at