Friday, 9 May 2014

Manic's Member Of The Month: JADE!


Here is a little bit about Manic's member of the month Jade. 

Where have you been the past few months?

For the past 6 months I have been cruising on the Caribbean Princess Cruise Ship round the gulf of mexico leaving from houston each week. I have visited many places along the way and docked in some beautiful and exciting destinations. 

What shows did you do on the ship and your favourites?

We had 3 different main shows in the theatre on the ship, the first was called, ‘Do You Wanna Dance!’ This particular show had a rock n roll section, an indian section, an irish section and finally a disco section. This was a very varied show with all sorts of genres and styles of choreography. This fantastic show was great fun as I got to showcase lots of different styles of dance and try a little bit of everything which kept it exciting.
The second show was named ‘Caribbean Caliente’, this show was more of a latin salsa style show. The show took place in the weeks of traveling between LA and Mexico to the caribbean. 
Our final show is ‘Born To Be Wild’. This show was based around a car journey and this one was probably my favourite to perform. Alongside the great soundtrack there was a also a pink cadillac on stage with us that was used throughout the routines. 

How did you enjoy your contract and the places that you visited?

I enjoyed my contract so so much this time around. What with the great shows and amazing choreography there were so many other high points. I met so many great new people on this ship who are now really good friends. Sadly on this contract we did have quite a few injuries meaning we lost some crew members and had to re work some shows. Other than that the ship was brilliant and had so much on board to keep us busy when we weren’t rehearsing or performing. Each port that we visited had beautiful beaches and everything that we needed really close by which kept us all happy. There was lots of do and many places to explore at each port which gave us some great adventures and memories of each place we docked. 
Are you glad to be coming back to join Manic for a few months?

I am very glad to be coming back to Manic in my break between ships. At Manic I always have so much fun and their array of job opportunities are always something to look forward to. I am excited to get back into pro class every Tuesday to see the team and learn what they have been up to and rehearsing. Everyone at Manic are so welcoming and encouraging and it makes it so easy to slip straight back in for the short time that I am home. 

Whats your favourite thing to do with Manic?

My favourite things to do with Manic are as follows. I love doing a regular dance class besides keeping me fit and technically trained it’s a great way to meet up each week with the team and get practising for all the exciting jobs that are booked. Secondly one of my biggest highlights that I look forward to are the bridal catwalk shows. These fashion shows are always so much fun to be a part of, from trying on all sorts of dresses, to rehearsing the catwalk show, having hair and make up done and to finally performing the choreography. Although I haven't performed in one of the big performances yet they look great and I know they have been a massive success with the clients and audiences so I am hoping to be a part of one of these whilst I am home.

What drives you to perform?

The audiences normally drive me to perform, see that they are enjoying watching you do something that you love. This is such a buzz knowing that they appreciate what you do. It just makes me so happy to be on stage and I know I’m so lucky to have the chance to do this as my job.

What are your plans for the next few months and your time at home?

For the rest of my time at home I’m going to take some time and enjoy relaxing at home with my mum n dad. I plan to try and catch up with friends which is hard because they’re either scattered around the country or on ships in different country's themselves. 
I returned to class this week with the rest of the Manic team and am hoping that I can be a part of as many performances and events as I possibly can whilst I’m home before I jet back off again in 6 weeks to continue on my next Princess contract. 

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