Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Manic Member of the Month

Each month we will be interviewing one of our gorgeous girlz on their career and life as a dancer!

This month we introduce to you Lucy Kate

How long have you been dancing for?
For as long as i can remember! I think as soon as I could walk I was wearing my ballet shoes!

Did you train professionally?
Yes I trained professionally from a young age at The Legat Ballet School where I boarded. It was a big decision for my family and I at such a young age but I received a scholarship and was desperate to dance. Later at 16yrs I went to Brian Rogers Performers College for 3 years where I gained a diploma in Musical Theatre.

What was professional training like?
It was tough! We took around 6-8 classes a day which included ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, partner work, singing, drama and musical theatre. We were exhausted at the end of every day! But there was no time for rest, we did this 5 or 6 days a week for 3 years.

After what sounds like grueling training, what was auditioning for professional jobs like?
Auditions are very tough! For every audition there is at least 300 girls sometimes up to 800! It can be very daunting!  But you have to give it your all and not be afraid of knock backs! After all, they are usually only looking for one person, so that means 799 disappointed people. Dancers are tough skinned though and no amount of rejection puts us off going after our dreams! Sometimes your the lucky one!

What was your first professional job?
My first professional dance job was in Qatar. I was a dancer in an illusion show with Guy Barrett, for Qatar Summer Wonders Festival. There were several shows from the UK flown over for the festival which lasted around 2 months.

What was it like working in Qatar?
It was very different to the UK. All our costumes had be made so that they were appropriate for Qatar audiences. Not a lot of flesh was on show compared to the costumes we have in the UK! It was great living and working in such a different culture. A great 1st job with some fantastic people.

What other countries have you worked in?
I have been lucky enough to work in many countries! I have performed in several different shows in Dubai. I have performed in a casino show in Macau and rehearsed for this for a month in Hong Kong, this was a great opportunity to experience yet another very different cultures! I have also performed in several casinos in Portugal and I have been in a show in India. But, most of my traveling has been whilst cruising! Working on a cruise ship as a dancer is a great way to see the world! I have performed on P&O cruises and NCL Cruise line, taking me to the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, North America, Carribbean, Mexico, Alaska, South America and Antarctica!

Wow you have been very busy! Do you dance a lot in the UK?
I do dance in England doing shorter contracts and lots of one off events, mainly for The SHOW Girlz (or as they were formerly known MANIC!). With these I have performed at awards ceremonies, xmas party events, theatre shows and corporate events.

How long have you been apart of The SHOW Girlz?
I have been apart of the team since the very beginning! The SHOW Girlz have always welcomed me back to perform with them between contracts and shows abroad. Its nice to come back to friendly faces and know that my experience further a field is appreciated. All the team are encouraged to perform and work for major companies throughout the UK and abroad, this is what keeps the team fresh and at the top of the profession!

Whats your favorite part of being one of 'The SHOW Girlz?'
I love that I can work with professional talented people so close to home in Portsmouth!

Fab! Lastly whats in the performance pipe line for you and The Show Girlz?
It's exciting as the team are getting very busy. Nicole and Matt do a great job of finding us work and Manic Stage Productions are very respected for their ability to provide exactly what is asked of them. We are currently rehearsing for several events along the South coast including The Beauty Awards hosted by Amy Childs from TOWIE. Vegas themed entertainment for a large hotel chain and some amazing choreography to compliment a request from a top MJ tribute artist.

Thank you Lucy :-) we wish you every success!

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