Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Comings & Goings


Manic Stage Productions are so fortunate to have such a talented team of Show Girlz. We are always growing and exploding with new talent. Our ethos is to encourage each Showgirl to pursue their performing dreams and fulfill their potential in any performance field they choose, knowing there is always a space for them in the show team when they return! Both Nicole and Matt had extensive carers as professional performers and know how amazing it is to be able use your talent to see the world. The whole team love to hear about each others new jobs, adventures and travel tips.

This month is bittersweet for us Show Girlz, we gladly see the return of many of the girls from different places around the globe, but sadly we also say farewell to a number of girls who leave for different contracts over the summer. 

We are delighted Emma has returned from the other side of the world. She has only been away for 6weeks traveling Australia but it felt like so much longer. We hear she had an amazing time and had many many stories to tell. Emma jumped straight back into the team and is excited to be getting back into working for Manic..... even if she is missing the sunshine just a little. 

Both Tilly and Kim return this month from Cruise Liner contracts where they have been singing and dancing around the Caribbean. They have been entertaining the passengers on the ships with a variety of themed shows which we cannot wait to hear all about and see some of the new choreography and styles that they have learnt. Performing on these super liners really is a dream job for these young girls, as well as travelling to exciting new places their schedules would have been very busy! But we know these girls very well and I'm sure with all that hard work came some time to explore and party too. 

Our last girl to return back to the fold is Jade, we are expecting her home in the next couple of weeks and are very much looking forward to seeing her soon. She is on her way back after finishing her contract on Princess Cruises. From her pictures she looks like she has been having a brilliant time and we can’t wait to hear all about her travels. 

On the other hand we are having to say Bon Voyage and good luck to a couple of our precious Show Girlz leaving us. Firstly Chloe and Megan are both jetting off to Cyprus on different fun filled summer contracts. They will be seen on many hotel stages across the country entertaining holiday makers with their dancing and fire dancing skills. We are sure they will have a fantastic summer full of exciting adventures.

Lucy P is off next, heading all the way to the Far East! Again another of our girls to land a fantastic cruise ship contract this time sailing around China, South Korea and Japan with Costa Cruises. Matt and Nicole know just how amazing dancing on the ship is and say Lucy is in for a real treat performing and traveling with an oriental twist! We look forward to hearing all about it when she returns home in October. 

Lastly, Tasha always finds time to pop back to the team in between her touring show contract. She has been back now for just a couple of weeks but will be off again very shortly continuing her Musical tour of ‘Grease’ around Europe. The show has had great success and it looks like Tasha will be busy throughout the summer wowing the audiences all over the globe. 

Even though we always miss each and every girl it is so important for Manic Stage Productions to supply their clients with the best performers on the South Coast. We believe that the girls time away from Manic experiencing new things and other professional contracts really does help with our mission to be the best! There are always Show Girlz here in the UK ready and waiting to add their show girl sparkle to any event. So don't delay get in contact TODAY

And remember Show Girlz you will always have place in our "Manic" family so enjoy your time away and will be here waiting to welcome you back home on your return..

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