Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Manic April Member of the Month - Lucy

Manic Member of the Month

Every month we like to shout about one of our fabulous team members and this month we introduce you to .....

Lucy Penketh

Read on to hear what she has been up to as a professional performer and where it all began!

When did you start dancing?

I first started dancing at the age of 2 when I went along to a baby ballet class where my grandmother was an assistant teacher, I then moved on to learning tap, jazz singing and drama. I was very quickly bitten by the dancing bug, attending many classes a week to achieve my grades aswell as take part in local festivals and national competitions. Winning the British Arts Awards All Round Performer at their finals in London.

Where and when did you continue your training professionally?

After I had been to college and completed my A Levels I knew I wanted a career in the dance industry, I was accepted into Stella Mann College of Performing Arts, in which I completed a 3 year National Diploma Course in Professional Dance graduating in 2012. I was taught a lot of about the industry as well as furthering my dance training to the best it could be. Since then I have danced in a Cyprus, been in Bollywood Films, music videos and the MTV awards in India. Also a James Bond stunt show in Paris and Cruised Asia among many other destinations!

What are you currently doing?

I have recently been away with Costa Cruises, cruising Japan, Korea and China on the Costa Victoria. I have decided to have a summer at home after being away almost continuously since graduating in 2012. I am currently rehearsing with Manic Stage Productions and am very excited to be part of their 'Amazing Venues' Solent Forts team. Its so great to be performing constantly with the Manic Team, at various events and venues with such great local talent!

How long have you been part of Manic?

I started in 2013 with Manic and had my first gig within 2 weeks of joining! A scary but great experience! Since then in between contracts I have had the pleasure of doing a wide variety of gigs events and shows with the Manic team. From dancing with Sinitta to being a stilt walking leprechaun each event is well thought out rehearsed and delivered to a high professional standard, which I am extremely proud to be part of.

Do you have a Manic Highlight?

There have been many highlights with Manic! I look forward to class each week as everyone is so friendly and works really hard, but my main highlight would be the recent Fort du Soleil which we performed on No Man's Land Fort just last week. It was an incredible experience from start to finish, with the boat ride over to having a tour of the venue, then performing almost 3 seperate shows to enetertain the guests, with fire dancing, aerialists and some great singing! I cant wait to go back!!

What are your plans for the future?

I am always looking for new and exciting experiences and performance opportunities so who knows where my dance career will take me! I guess thats another reason I love it so much, as every week, month and year is so different!

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