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Manic Stage Productions are so excited to share with you our latest new performance piece produced for our newest client 'Amazing Venues'! This fabulous contract starts with our debut theme on board which featured at the venues grand opening of 'No Man's Fort!'


Saturday 4th April saw 10 of Manic's talented team take to the seas for their opening night of 'Fort Du SOLEIL' on board No Man's.  The team consisting of stunning aerial acts, daring fire dancers, poi artists, dancers, singers and sky high stilt walkers!
With a whole host of entertainment packed into one luxury night the guests where in for a brilliant treat of professional bespoke entertainment and performances!

To welcome the guests on board they were greeted by champagne and our stunning stilt walkers. As they entered the beautiful glass roofed atrium they were wowed by the amazing space before heading off to explore the many special sights of this exclusive venue and what it had to offer!

In keeping with our take on 'Cirque Du SOLEIL' our team were dressed in silver and blue hand painted catsuits with huge silver pleated wings for that eye catching effect! You certainly couldn't miss them and set a great first impression for all the guests.

One the sun set we kicked of the show and our team performed the 1st themed medley featuring music, lights, smoke and of course our specialist skills!  Our dancers showed off their creative choreography and our aerialist were showcased throughout! Wowing the crowds the aerial hoop and silks were certainly the highlight receiving rapturous applause, the guests seemed to be blown away by the talent! It was a great way to begin the night and keep everyone excited for what was to come.

Next up the guests were seated for a delightful dinner where they heard our beautiful singer between courses. Her song choices really complimented the atmosphere and gave everyone a treat in between eating their delicious 4 course meal. She was joined by our dazzling dancers dressed top to toe in sequins adding
 some of our usual Manic sparkle.

We finished the evening with something quite spectacular! After dinner and before the guests danced the night away in the on board nightclub they eagerly awaited the much anticipated FIRE SHOW! 

Back in the atrium the scene was set with a layer of atmospheric smoke and views of the night sky through the glass ceiling our team took to the stage once more to give the guests a final show to remember!

Beginning with fire palms our medley started with 4 girls performing a routine with high flames and beautiful choreography. The songs and music where cleverly picked to add to the action and our medley started to progress as the team performed breathtaking fire stunts, including body burning and fire breathing!

The elegant wings featured once more with dancers breaking up the medley and hiding our fire dancer as she appeared with amazing fans to create yet another spectacular routine! 

Swinging fire around their heads, in the splits, over their bodies and into their mouths the spectators really couldn't believe their eyes. We finished with an incredible fire breathing act joined by all of the team on stage with hula hoop, poi, palms, sticks, wings and dancers which as you can imagine was a truly magnificent finale and a fantastic image for all of the guests to take away with them!! 

We had such an amazing time on board at No Man's and enjoyed the boat trip home ready and raring for our next two 'Fort Du SOLEIL' performances later this month!

Tickets are already selling fast and there are hundreds of guests ready to enjoy our next performances and we can't wait to be back on board to showcase what we have! 
Take a look at the website to see more pictures and read some more information about booking your places, we look forward to seeing you all there!!

For bespoke tailored entertainment for all occasions big or small do not hesitate to contact us!

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