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As part of our 10th year anniversary celebrations, each month this year Manic Stage Productions are thanking one of our loyal and deserving clients for their continued support and our great working relationship over the past 10 years.
July's client is 'Court Lane Infant School'

Court Lane Infant School in Drayton have had one of our talented team teaching all aspects of dance to year groups across the school for the past 4 years. We are certainly looking forward to dancing into our 5th working year with them in September!

Back in the year 2010, Manic's proprietor Nicole sat down with then headteacher Mrs Twigg to devise a solution to their PPA and PE needs. 

PPA time is time set aside for teachers during their timetabled teaching day to allow them to carry out planning, preparation and assessment activities. Its purpose is to relieve some of the existing workload pressures on teachers.

Working closely together Nicole and Mrs Twigg successfully created, wrote and developed a dance syllabus that complied with the National Cirriculum levels 1, 2 and 3. It covers all styles of dance and develops the children's co-ordination, control, creativity, confidence and capability. Each half term the children in each year groups work on a new style of dance and perfect a different genre with specific moves and skills. The styles vary from:
Pop Dance
Street Dance
and many more on request.

This exciting new syllabus is now available for all infants schools to enjoy and covers Year R through to Year 2.

Compliance with the national agreement can put a strain on teachers timetables and we are aware that some schools do not have enough non-contact time available in their busy schedules. Let Manic Stage Productions help you raise standards and tackle workload by using our creative team to provide your teachers with the minimum 10 percent guaranteed PPA time required.

 If you feel your school would benefit by featuring Manic Stage Productions and their inspiring dance tutors, then call today. These professionally lead sessions are fun for all and Manic would love to become a part of your schools timetable and provide you with this unique service. 

Our PPA workshops have become very popular throughout Hampshire. We help in developing a school's PPA strategy by offering additional staff. Our unique and versatile teaching methods bring to life the national curriculum using dance and drama, giving pupils a chance to develop their creativity and confidence. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to discuss your individual needs to devise a specific plan for your school and pupils

Please contact us if you would like more information or request a schools pack.

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