Monday, 4 March 2013

Manic Mondays - Exciting New Party Venue!

As of TODAY your child can now have a Manic Dance Party at Horizon Leisure Centre Waterlooville

We have been successfully running popular themed dance parties at their sister centre in Havent (Read a previous blog here) for nearly 2 years and although Waterlooville do not have catering facilities, we are sure that they will be equally as well received!

Choose from the following party themes

West End Wonders
Add a bit of theatrical sparkle to your bash 
with glittery jazz hands and west end moves. 
All big shows and musical films covered.

Pop Party

Learn the moves and sing the tunes, 

A pop party covers all or one of your 
budding stars favourite chart toppers!

Disney Magic
Bring the magic of one of your child's favourite 

Disney tales to life with a fun filled 
exciting fantasy themed party.

Tiny Tots
No child is too small! We start at the beginning 
for these tiny tots with music, nursery 
rhymes & stories all of which stimulate baby brains.


Pirate Party
For all the boys and girls who would like to
walk the plank. Our Pirate parties are full of
 swashbuckling fights and fun.

Cheer & Chant
Celebrate with cheerleading team fun!
Let your party members learn to cheer
and chant with fun pom poms high kicks and splits

Your exciting Manic Stage Productions themed dance party will last 2 hours and is guaranteed to be fun for boys and girls of all ages. Every party is hosted by a talented Manic dance expert who will first entertain the children with party games to match their chosen theme. Everyone will learn to strut the confidence catwalk* and be taught a fun energetic dance routine to their favourite party, chart or themed song. There will be a short break for birthday cake and drinks before "Show Time" where the children get sprinkled with magic star dust and become a disney princess, pop star, nursery rhyme character or musical theatre wannabe and step into the spot light to perform to family and friends at the end.
The children will love being centre stage when the cameras flash and the parents clap!

*For our pirate themed party the catwalk will be altered to walk the plank and the dance routine will incorporate basic stage fight techniques
For full details please contact Horizon Leisure Centre Waterlooville on 02392 245900 

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