Monday, 25 March 2013

Manic’s Oliver Workshop

On Saturday Manic’s Matt and Emma spent the morning working with Kings Theatre Youth Theatre Juniors leading an Oliver Musical workshop. The session took place at the Salvation Army Hall. 39 happy children between the ages of 7 – 12 years old (10 boys & 29 girls) arrived at 10am ready for a morning of singing and dancing.  

The morning was spent choreographing one of Oliver’s big musical numbers. Manic’s Emma had a great morning, “We had a great turn out and created a dance to the well known favourite ‘Consider Yourself’. The kids had plenty of ideas and were singing along word for word! The workshop concluded with group performance of their hard work and lots of happy smiling faces!” The choreography created in the workship will be used in a performance soon by the King Theatre Youth Theatre group with most of the boys and girls playing as orphans/fagin’s gang.

Manic have a team of trained tutors ready to run workshop for any companies or theatre groups needing expert choreography or performing arts lessons. In all workshops, Manic share their industry knowledge and wide experience and all for a great price!

If you are looking to arrange a workshop, please feel free to get in touch –

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