Thursday, 21 March 2013

Let Us Help Promote Your Business

We have been booked to produce and perform a Flashmob to increase publicity and awareness for an exciting event in May! 

Obviously we can't say where, what or when as the whole point of a flashmob is the element of surprise. But we CAN tell you that we are very excited and feel that this could be something more companies could use when boosting their promotions for an event, product or campaign! 

Read more to see how a Manic Flashmob could enhance and elevate your future publicity needs.

A flashmob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual act for a brief time and then quickly disperse. 

This is a great publicity stunt that can attract much attention to your forth coming event, campaign or product. The more performers we use the bigger the impact. Our flashmob team would wear normal clothes and mingle with the shoppers on the high street for example. Then suddenly burst into song and dance, removing their coats to reveal costumes or branded clothing. This revelation adds impact to the performance and develops its presence. We suggest that the team then distribute your leaflets or samples etc to the public who have gathered round.

Each of our flashmob's would be created individually to you the client and we would consider your exact needs. Our performance piece would reflect your company and the feel you desire for your publicity campaign. Each flashmob we produce we recommend being around 5 minutes long and include both song and dance with vibrant choreography, costumes and live vocals. Directly followed by leaflet distribution. 

As mentioned the more performers involved the bigger the impact. Obviously we understand that your budget will play a big factor in your decision to use a Flashmob or not and to help you work out what you can afford we have compiled a price per performer structure (available on request) to help you easily work out your requirements. 

For more information and a chat about your ideas and how we can help call Nicole 07977478565

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