Thursday, 26 February 2015

Another Fun Filled Half Term


This February Manic again took over the Harlequin room at the Portsmouth Guildhall to run our ever successful children's half term dance days and workshops. 

Last week a whole host of children arrived ready to dance, sing, play games and create their very own arts and crafts with lots of new friends at 2 of our fun packed dance days.

Monday we hosted 'We Love Boybands'

With a room full of fans the children learnt and performed routines to their favourite chart topping heart throbs including One Direction, The Vamps, 5 Seconds Of Summer, JLS and many many more. 
We made some very colourful concert posters with brilliant drawings of our favourite artists to show our family friends when they arrived at the end for "showtime".
Along with beautiful singing and catwalks the performance was jam packed with all of the exciting activities that we had practised and perfected through out the day.

Our 1D cardboard cut outs proved a popular posing point for a quick photo opportunity with our fave boy band member, creating the perfect little keepsake picture and memory of the day. These weren't just for the children, some of the parents jumped in for a quick photo too ... 
Even Matt and Emma couldn't resist a quick snap with the famous faces!

Tuesday was a different theme altogether and with a group of new children to entertain we hosted 
'Magical Fairytale, Once Upon A Time'

This group of beautiful princesses learnt new magical moves ready to be added to our "showtime" dances at the end of the day. 
The children shared with us their favourite fairytales and wow what a variety we had to choose from! 

We encouraged the children to have a go at their own creative choreography, which featured in our catwalk finally and there individual spotlight moment. 
Showtime also showcased two different dance routines, sensational singing and amazing arts and crafts.

We were so busy on Tuesday, learning two routines and also squeezing in two different types of crafts. 
Our Fairytale posters had pictures of our fairytale lands, magical spells, prince and princess's and all sorts of beautiful decorations. 
Secondly we made beautiful magic wands to use as props during our catwalk at showtime. They shined and sparkled just as the children did over both days. 

With both groups making a whole bunch of new friends and all the children looking forward to the next school holiday. We are already planning more exciting events and themes for your little ones to enjoy this Easter

Look out on our facebook page 'Manic Stage Productions' and our website for the first release of our Easter Holidays, May Half Term and Summer School activities. Manic Stage Productions cannot wait to see you all again for more holiday fun!! 
In the mean time we thank you for joining us this half term and hope you had as much fun as we did.
Look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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