Sunday, 1 February 2015

January's Celebrated Client - The Kings Theatre


This year we begin our 10th birthday celebrations of being in business and each month we are thanking one of our fantastic clients for their continued support, generosity and valued working relationship. 

January's celebrated client is of course The Kings Theatre

Over the past 10 years Manic have had a brilliant relationship with one of the most beautiful theatres on the South Coast.

The famous Kings Theatre right here in the heart of Southsea, Portsmouth plays host to hundreds of touring productions, comedians and musical stars each and every month. 

Manic Stage Productions are very thankful to have formed such a great working relationship with the theatre and its creative team over the years and are always thrilled to be asked be a part of their fantastic educational events, fundraising shows, one off appearances and events around the city and beyond. 

A huge thank you to David Cooper, the manager of the Kings Theatre who has given us countless performing opportunities and has asked for our services on many occasions to add some glitz, glamour and style to all kinds of events. 
We have been a part of the Children In Need charity showcase for the past 5 years which are always so much fun for the team and a chance to show off our latest medleys to the people of Portsmouth.

 Manic have provided, showgirls, dancers, singers and hostesses for many different Kings Theatre based events and performances such as, Fused, The Guide Awards, Party Princess Sing a Long, Gala Nights as well as many successful open days

We love performing on the famous stage and to be a part of such a spectacular venue with such a respected heritage, we feel very honoured to work so closely and to have this amazing theatre on our doorstep. 

Nicole and Matt have also worked very closely with the King's Youth Theatre lead by Joanna Bennington, sharing their knowledge and passion with this super talented bunch of young people who work tirelessly towards many productions performed on the Kings stage.  

Matt and Nicole contribute by hosting a weekly class for the youth theatres "elite" strand, that works on choreography, confidence, stamina and performance skills. Each week a new style of dance is explored with a fresh exciting new routine. The children have a chance to work in groups, create some of their own choreography and perfect their new found skills and styles over each term. 

Nicole and Matt have also helped to choreograph for some of the youth theatres shows such as Oliver.

Last year in November Manic were lucky enough to be invited to head to Caen in France alongside the Kings Theatre to be a part of the team promoting Albert Road, The Theatre and Southsea. 

Southsea is twinned with the city of Caen and is such a beautiful town and place to visit. We joined the rest of the team including, the youth theatre, some of Albert roads quirky, unique shops and a host of others including David himself to gather interest and show off just what talent Southsea has to offer to the public of Caen! 

We of course took to the offer and were so happy to be asked to be a part of this adventure. We took along our sky high stilt walkers which I can assure you attracted a lot of interest and excitement! Showing off our circus costumes our ringleader and clown brought the crowds to surround the Southsea stand in the centre of the festival and drummed up interested for the famous pantomime that was being held over Christmas at the time!

The trip was a great success, the youth theatre entertained the crowds with performance throughout the day and with lots of stalls to browse you had plenty to keep you busy during the weekend! We hope to be invited 
back again next year and can't wait to see what new adventures lie in the near future! 

Finally being our tenth birthday this year we thought what better way to celebrate than with a big celebratory showcase! 

If there is one thing Manic Stage Productions knows how to do, it is how to put on a spectacular show!! 
Later in the year, this July, the Kings theatre will play host to 
Manic's 10th Anniversary Showcase!! 
We are absolutely thrilled that The Kings Theatre will be the venue for this milestone and can not thank David Cooper and all his staff enough for their continued support.

Watch this space for full showcase details coming soon!

A word from David himself....

We have worked with Manic Stage Productions on various projects and events including our Children in Need fundraiser event, party events, dance workshops and the Southsea Show. They were a valuable support whilst organising Portsmouth’s contribution to Caen’s International Festival in France and their input much appreciated. As always they added fun and artistic flair. Whether working with us on a low budget charity fundraiser or a high profile event, Manic always give 110%. We’ve always found them to be a dream to work with due to their flexibility, professionalism and reliability. Congratulations on their 10th year in the industry we look forward to seeing what the future holds for them.

Finally it goes with out saying that Januarys celebrated client is a true honour to be associated with and one that we enjoy working for so very much! 
We look forward to all future engagements and work opportunities that Manic and our talented team can feature in and be involved with in 2015 and beyond.

For any bookings or queries you may have for tailored bespoke entertainment please do not hesitate to contact us! 

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